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In connection with the spread of Covid-19, please take the following precautions when coming to the clinic: 1) it is mandatory to wear a face mask when arriving at the clinic, 2) it is desirable to arrive as accurately as possible at the time of your appointment, 3) if necessary, one accompanying person. Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to seeing you at the clinic!
Laser technologies have reached such a high level during the last 15 years that it even competes with plastic surgery in some areas. Laser technologies provide the desired results faster and with maximally short recovery period. Precisely for this reason we have created KOLONNA Laser Clinic where professional experts, using state-of-the-art technologies, provide services of world-level quality to every client. Our beauty care experts will find the most appropriate method for achieving the desirable appearance for every client. We will gladly make your dream of having a perfect appearance come true! See you at KOLONNA Laser Clinic! // Ināra Stepanova


Laser treatments

Our clinic has the latest laser apparatus for the treatment and correction of various skin problems, including removal of unwanted hair, for improvement of skin elasticity and structure, reduction of signs of aging, removal of growths, pigment blotches and treatment of vein problems.


Skin ageing and formation of facial expression wrinkles can be delayed by means of injections. The experts of KOLONNA Laser Clinic recommend for this purpose botulin toxin preparations containing purified botulin toxin.

Foot care

During the course of a date, the soles of your feet withstand a tremendous burden, but many patients do not pay the necessary attention to their condition until pain in some part of the sole forces them to stop walking. During the visit, we take full care of the soles of your feet and devise a foot care plan.

Massage therapy

Massage has been proven to be very effective treatment for body relaxation, pain relief, decrease muscle tension and improve blood circulation. We offer various kinds of massage treatment.