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About Us

The decision to establish a clinic at 17 Raina Boulevard was arrived at as a result of successful cooperation of beauty parlours with dermatologist and president of Latvian Doctors-Cosmetologists’ Association Ināra Stepanova who convinced that KOLONNA beauty parlours, parallel with doctors’ consultations, should introduce the treatment of dermatological problems using laser and other state-of-the-art technologies. Similarly, client care after plastic surgery and special skin ageing delay methods are essential.

KOLONNA Laser Clinic opened its doors for the first clients in January 2002.

At present, four state-of-the-art lasers are available at the Laser Clinic. They are used for:

  • acne treatment
  • fighting the unwanted hair
  • elimination of non-malignant tumours
  • treatment of varicose superficial skin blood-vessels


Professional and experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists work at the Laser Clinic.

  • Estheticians - consultations, personal (face and body skin) therapeutic and restorative, combined treatment.
  • Physical and rehabilitation medicine doctors - consultations, individual therapeutic plan drafting of different methods - mangetic therapy medical massage, therapeutic exercises and other.
  • Dermatologist consultations - skin condition assessment, diagnosis of skin formations, skin diseases, hair and nail diseases diagnostics and treatment.
  • Possibility to perform analysis for histological, microscopic, bacteriological and other types of examinations.