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Smoothing of wrinkles, applying the method of fillers or implants

If chemical peeling or preparations of botulin toxin do not reduce the skin wrinkles, one can use fillers or implants that are injected under the skin. They are made on the basis of hialuronic acid, which is the basic element of derma or the middle level of connective tissue of the skin. Hialuronic acid is a strong anti-oxidant, it improves the skin hydratation and vascular condition, stimulating the synthesis of new blood-vessels.

Fillers are injected under the skin (illegible) and they fill-in the empty and damaged spaces in the derma, thus smoothing the wrinkles that are visible on the epidermis or surface level of the skin. Duration of the treatment is approximately half an hour. The effect of fillers remains from 8 months to one year. The period of effectiveness depends on how quickly the injected hialuronic acid degrades and is eliminated from the body.