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RegenACR® is aesthetic treatment, the so-called "vampire treatment", in which the healing power of the patient’s own blood is used to biologically renew and stimulate skin cells. RegenACR® utilises the abundance of growing factors in REGENPLASMA® and stimulation of mesenchymal parentage cells, in order to regenerate and revitalize skin.

1. REGENPLASMA® stimulates the patient’s cell regeneration and skin rejuvenation, as a result of which the patient experiences:

  • improved skin colour, elasticity, tone and fullness;

  • transformed collagen fibres;

  • durably smoothed wrinkles and reinforced facial features;

  • accelerated healing process after aesthetic treatments (laser therapy, chemical peeling).

2. RegenACR® treatment: revitalizes and rejuvenates the dermis; smoothes wrinkles and reinforces facial features; and stimulates new collagen production.

3. With the assistance of RegenACR® treatment, it is possible to stimulate the skin on one’s scalp, encourage the quality renewal of hair follicles, and improve the overall condition of hair after various illnesses.

4. The RegenACR® treatment can be used for the rejuvenation of various other body zones (knee zone, elbows, palms, cleavage and neck).

5. RegenACR® encourages better healing processes. Therefore, it is successfully used before and after various operations to improve the healing of scars.

6. The treatment is conducted using one-time RegenACR® sterile sets (produced by a Swiss company).