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Massage therapy

A masseur certified by the Latvian Association of Physical Medicine will give you a general classical massage, healing local classical and segment reflex massage, as well as manual lymphatic drainage.

General massage is recommended as a means of prophylaxis for all healthy people. It has a beneficial effect on the skin’s metabolic processes and improves skin tone, facilitates the renewal of the working capacity of tired muscles, stimulates the functioning of joints and ligaments, and has a positive impact on the nervous system. General classical massage helps to improve your sense of well-being in the event of heightened mental and physical stress, and has a beneficial impact on the quality of sleep. 

Local classical (foot, arm, head, back, neck zones) and segment reflex massage are recommended as a means of prophylaxis and rehabilitation in therapy for numerous illnesses. It is used to treat various chronic illnesses undermining support motion apparatus, as well as posture defects, after injuries, to treat central and peripheral nervous system illnesses, vegetative neurological dystonias, and chronic illnesses affecting the respiratory system.

Performance of manual lymphatic drainage is recommended if the patient is suffering from local oedemas after injuries, operations or in the event of chronic venous insufficiency and cellulitis.