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Skin ageing and formation of facial expression wrinkles can be delayed by means of injections. The experts of KOLONNA Laser Clinic recommend for this purpose botulin toxin preparations containing purified botulin toxin. This substance is attached to human protein, and it has been used for curing different diseases all around the world already for 20 years.

Botulin toxin delays the transmission of signals from nerves to muscles, thus reducing muscle tension and smoothing wrinkles. The effect of the treatment lasts for several months – half a year in average – and then the treatment should be repeated. Side-effects occur much more infrequently if a qualified and experienced specialist performs the treatment. Because of this, we suggest not to experiment with your health and administer the injections of botulin toxin only at a certified beauty care clinic.

Botulin toxin preparations are prohibited for pregnant women, persons with diseases that hinder the transmission of nerve-muscle signals or who have weakened blood coagulation. When you visit the expert, please answer all of his or her questions concerning your health condition and history. In this way, it will be possible to reach the best results that also are friendliest to your health.